5 Amazing Ways To Use The Previous Wireless Router

Do you have an old wireless router? Yes, you can use the wireless router very easily. It is liable to provide a good connection to the network. If you use it adequately. There are a lot of ways to use the old wireless router as a wireless device. You can use the old wireless router as a wireless repeater, also it’s helpful to provide the internet with the Guest’s Wi-Fi connection. Apart from this, it is also used as a Cheap internet radio frequency wireless router. Also, it is liable to work as a network switch. All these are the most valid use of the old version wireless router.

Another way to use an old router is you can Adapt it into a wireless bridge and transform your router into a NAS. It allows you to store the data and transmits the information when it’s most crucial. You can use an old router as a web server and a DIY VPN router. It is enabled just after accessing the router login interface.

Furthermore, the other most useful methods to use the old router are like you can Sell the router on eBay, you can learn more about how to use it suitably or get the super wifi from the home network, and setting up a separate network for IoT devices. If you do not want to use your old router and clutter up your drawers, you can donate it to a church or school.

What Can you do with your old router?

Maybe your old router is rotting in a box. It might be cluttering up a drawer. Apart from this, it could be misplaced at the back of a wardrobe. If yes and you want to reuse it. Then, you will just follow the given specific points or ways. Surely, it helps you to use a suitable modem/router combo unit that can be reused. Following are the fantastic ways to use the old wireless router.

  • Sale your old wireless router to a manufacturer
  • Exchange your previous wifi router
  • Read its user manual guide to reuse it
  • Repair your previous router
  • Update its software to use it again
  • Use it as A DIY VPN router
  • You can use it as a wireless repeater.
  • Sell the old router on eBay, Amazon, or any other replacement site.
  • You can also donate it to a church and any other educational institute for digital education purposes.
  • It is also used as a separate network for IoT devices.
  • Alter your router into a NAS.
  • Try to again configure your previous wireless router with your router web interface address.
1. Sale your old wireless router to a manufacturer

If you want to reuse a wireless network through your old router, you should not repair it just get a new device to sell it. After that, you can buy a new device. You can use a new wireless router that is bought through amazon. Buy a new generation wireless router.

2. Build a Wireless Repeater

You can use your previous wireless router as a wireless repeater. Just connect it with your existing router network, it helps you to extend the internet of your old device. After that, configure it through your router user interface. Access your original router interface with and let’s start to sign in to your device. After that, configure your old device with your existing router. Scan the device name from the add device. Now, detect it and pair your device with your wireless router. It allows you to configure your networking system with the router very suitably.

3. Guest Wi-Fi Connection

Another way to use the old wireless router is to use it as a guest wifi network. It helps you to share the network between your guest device. Set a separate network username and password to share its network with the guest appliances. It is compatible with almost all compatible devices. Tos share its network, just you will share its network anime and password with others. It is best to use and allows you to access a faster network connection.

4. Cheap Internet Radio Streamer

Apart from this, you can also use the old wireless router as a cheap Internet Radio Streamer. There are a lot of wireless devices that you can use with OpenWrt or DD-WRT custom router firmware. All these are allowed to use the internet connection with a robust wifi signal range.

5. Convert your Old Router Into a Wireless Bridge Network

Also, you can use the Old Router In a Wireless Bridge network. Just, configure the old wireless router and all settings through the browser. It allows you to access the faster signal range. Connect all the devices with the old wireless router network and access it.