Asaqo Wifi Extender Setup Guide, Wps and Browser Method

If you are looking for Asaqo extender setup instructions then on this article we will guide you step by step. So first things first, make sure you have a working internet on the router.

Now, plug your asaqo outdoor signal amplifier in the same room as your wifi router. Once you have power led on the extender then we will start the setup. Also don’t connect any ethernet cable to the extender or amplifier. Before we start the setup, note the SSID of the repeater/extender printed on the back.

Asaqo dual band outdoor signal amplifier browser setup

  • We can setup this extender using our phone or computer. So, goto the wifi list and there look for this extender’s default SSID. As you know you can find the SSID of this extender on the back. You will see the same SSID showing up in the wifi list. Connect to it.
  • Once connected, the extender’s setup wizard page will open automatically.
  • In case it doesn’t then open a browser on the very same device and in the url or address bar type “” and hit enter. This will also take you to the extender’s setup page. If this doesn’t work then type “” into the url of your browser.
  • On the login page it will ask for the login password. There you simply just need to type “admin” and hit enter.
  • Next screen will ask you to select the mode in which you want to setup the device. So, select repeater mode if you want to extend the wifi signal wirelessly. If you select the “AP mode” then you will get stronger signals than repeater mode. But in this mode you will always have to connect an ethernet cable between the extender and the router. “Router mode” is when you connect this extender directly with the modem.
  • On the next screen, you will see different wifi network name showing up. Most possibly on the top you will see your router’s network SSID. You need to select that and type its password/passphrase to verify it. Later you will need to hit on “save”.
  • It will take around 30-60 secs on the extender to get connected to your wifi router.
  • On successful setup you will see wifi led lit up on the extender. Moreover, the extender network will come up in your wifi list as your “homenetwork” name with “ext” at the end”.
  • You can connect your differences devices to it using the same password as your router.
  • If you want to login into your extender after setup then you can watch our video here.
  • Also, now you can unplug the extender and place it halfway between your router and the location where you need wifi.

Second Setup Method

For this method we recommend you to first reset your extender. Now, some extenders have reset home, some have reset buttons and some just have only the wps button. You can check our video here about how to reset any wifi extender in just 10 secs. So, if you have a reset hole or button then press and hold it for 10 seconds. Or if you only see a wps button on the ext then press and hold the wps button for 10 secs.
Now let’s begin the setup process-

  • Plug your extender in the same room as your router. We recommend you to plug it within 5-15 feet range of the router.
  • Also, your router should have a working internet. Additionally the wps option should be enabled on it too. If you are not sure if wps is enabled or not then check the video here and learn how to enable the wps button on the router. Because by default the wps is disabled on most routers. And many people complain that the wps setup isn’t working and in frustration they just return the product. Whereas in reality the wps option is disabled on their router’s. So, do check that too.
  • Now, locate the wps button on your router. Press and hold it for 2 seconds. You will see a blinking wps light on the router.
  • Next, within 2 min press the wps button on your asaqo wifi extender. You just need to press it once too. Also, the wps led on the extender will start blinking.
  • It takes hardly 60 seconds for the router to make a successful connection with the extender. After successful setup you will have a solid wifi or internet led on the extender/repeater.
  • Moreover, you will be able to see the newly setup extender network name in your wifi list. Again it will come up as “homenetwork” with “Ext” at the end. You connect your phone, computer, laptop, ring doorbells, alexa, etc to it. When it asks for password type the same wifi password as your router’s.
  • Also, now you can unplug the extender and place it at the location where you need wifi.


So, this is how Asaqo setup can be done. In case you have any issues related to this extender then you can get in touch with our representative on our website.