Best Ring doorbells to purchase 2023. Choose from here!

Which ring doorbell is best for apartment

Ring is a well-known brand, and is quite famous as well. The smart doorbells can also detect motion and communicate with you over Wi-Fi. When someone presses the doorbell, it enables you to monitor the area from your smartphone, or tablet. It is also able to record the footage that was taken during an “event” and store it for later viewing.
Some even have facial recognition capabilities to alert you to stranger danger before you even get to the door. However, when weighing your options, keep in mind that some brands require you to subscribe to their security plans after the free trial period has ended.

Why should you have options before purchasing a ring doorbell for your apartment?

Smart doorbells are not the same as the best home security cameras in every way, but they do offer a different method of protecting your property. However, as their popularity has grown, the number of video doorbells has increased, giving consumers more options. For instance, battery-powered devices, which are more convenient but require regular recharging may require professional installation.
We have tested a variety of doorbells in our homes. And tested them on aspects that are important to us and our readers to help you decide. We will call in new video doorbells for review as soon as they become available, and we will add our findings to this guide. Find out which ones we rated the highest by reading on.

The most cost-effective video doorbell is the Ring Video Doorbell Wired.


Resolution in Zoom recording is 1920 x 1080 Subscription-based video is unlimited for up to 30 days. Works with Amazon Echo smart speakers.

Reasons to avoid:

Requires existing wired doorbell and has limited features without subscription. It also lacks Google and HomeKit support. It has a slightly smaller 155-degree field of view, but it records clear audio and Full HD video. Colour during the day, black and white at night, like other Ring smart doorbells. Click here to purchase from the main site.
This Ring Video Doorbell cannot be used on battery power, making installation as simple as possible. It will put an end to any existing chimes in your home. Unfortunately, this means that they won’t sound when the doorbell is pressed. If you want an audible alert to let you know someone is at the door, you’ll need to buy the Ring Chime or Ring Chime Pro or connect the doorbell to an Amazon Echo Smart speaker if you already have one. However, despite the doorbell’s Alexa integration, neither Google Assistant nor HomeKit are supported.
If you missed the initial alert, you would need to subscribe to Ring Protect to see who was at the door. However, it also has other smart features, like the ability to set zones so that you are only notified of activity in these areas.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 with a wired connection. The best premium video doorbell, Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2.


Resolution for Footage recording is 1536 x 1536 Subscription-based video is unlimited for up to 30 days. Audio is two-way and power is good. Reasons to buy: Good video and audio quality along with colorized night vision. It also comes with Alexa integration.

Reason to avoid:

Limited features without subscription. Lacks Google and HomeKit integration Ring’s almost top-of-the-range video doorbell. Also comes with a colourized night vision is one area in which it excels over its rival. The camera simulates a colour to areas of ambient light within its field of view, like tinting the sky blue. While it doesn’t, of course, produce a picture in full colour. We did notice that nighttime footage was easier to decipher when using the product. Click here, to purchase the product from their website.
The “premium” label refers to the price of the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2. But if you are on a tight budget, you might want to consider the Ring Video Doorbell Pro. It might be still available from some retailers. It is still an excellent wired doorbell, despite having a resolution that isn’t quite as high or an aspect ratio that isn’t 1:1.


So, this was all about which ring doorbell you should go for if you live in an apartment. Based on our own experience we have brought you this article. You can check our other articles related to the ring. We have covered topics like how to setup ring, how to connect it with alexa, who fixes doorbells?, etc.