Coredy CX-E120 Wi-Fi Repeater Setup

The coredy CX-E120 Wi-Fi Repeater is a powerful device. It is used to regenerate(Renew) the Signal, From which the signal determines the long distance. So that, signal strength is equal. It does not increase(amplify) the signal but instead copies them step-by-step and regenerates the weak signal. The coredy wi-fi repeater is a dual-band and it has four antennas on the top side. A repeater rebroadcasts to send your existing signal ahead of the router.

The coredy Wi-Fi repeater works extremely well because this repeater wi-fi range speed is very high. If we set up it in our house, then this range goes to the corner of every room in the whole house. If children are playing online games and at the same time you also check email or any other work online, then you do not have a problem like buffering.

It is easy to install, log-in, set up, and reset and provides a better range of connectivity. This repeater eliminates or removes the dead zone. The coredy repeater has the capability to work with any Wi-Fi router.

How to log-in the Coredy E120 Wi-Fi Repeater

Log-in the coredy E120 Wi-Fi repeater is effortless and simple. For this, the IP address or official website should be there. There are only a few steps to log in, which are given below:

  1. First of all, you should connect the device(computer, laptop) to the extender.
  2. Power ON the device. After that, launch a web browser of your choice.
  3. Then, verify the Network wi-fi name.
    NOTE: If your router and extender use a different network name then you have to enter the official website in the search bar of the web browser.
  4. If your router and extender use the same Wi-Fi network name then you enter the IP address of the extender in the browser search bar and click enter.
  5. A login page will show appear on the device screen. The 2 field username and passwords are there.
  6. You need to fill in the unique username ID and secret password in the field.
  7. Now, click on LOG_IN.

The process to set up the coredy CX-E120 Wi-Fi Repeater

If you want to set up coredy cx-e120, then it gets set up very quickly, it takes 4-5 minutes to set it up. A few steps are given below to set up the coredy CX-E120 Wi-Fi repeater:

  1. First of all, the power button of the repeater on the top side has to be activated, with the power on/off button.
  2. The extender has to be plugg into the power circuit, in the same room where your router is locate. And the power circuit button has to be turn on.
  3. You need to know the coredy network on your computer and laptop. As you open wi-fi in your device, the network name of coredy wi-fi will appear. You have to click on it, he will ask you for the password, you have to fill in the password and your device will be connected to a coredy network.
  4. Now, open the web browser and type the http://ap.setup or IP address in the browser search bar.
  5. The setup page will appear on the display screen.
  6. The setup page will give you some instructions to set up the repeater, you will have to follow those instructions.

Now, the coredy cx-e120 setup is successfully complete.

How to reset the coredy CX-E120 Wi-Fi repeater

If your Wi-Fi repeater coredy cx-e120 not working, the troubleshoot is to reset the repeater. It is very easy and simple to reset it. If your repeater is not providing a good range or your extender is connect with many devices without your permission, then you reset it by a coredy cx-e120 factory reset.

  1. First of all, you have to verify whether the power light in your repeater is there ON or not.
  2. After that, You need to search the RESET button in the Wi-Fi repeater. The reset button is backside the repeater.
  3. You can use a paper clip to hold the reset button.
  4. Then, press or hold the reset button for about 10 seconds.
  5. After 10 seconds you have to release the reset button which you were holding.
  6. When the blinking light slows down, then you coredy cx-e120 reset successfully done.

If you face any kind of coredy reset issue then, follow some steps which are mention below.

Coredy cx-e120 manual

Manual means to do with your hand. In the manual, we can do everything like login, setup, reset and change password. If there are many devices connected to your network or there is a problem, then you can change the password of your repeater.
Some steps are given below to change the coredy wi-fi password:

  1. launch a default website browser(Google, chrome, safari, and Mozilla) on your device computer or Laptop.
  2. After open, the web browser, Type the ap.setup or IP address in the search column.
  3. Then, tap the enter button on the computer keyboard.
  4. A log-in box appears on the computer window.
  5. Enter the default username Id or password and click on log-in.
  6. Then, the basic home screen appears, and many options are available.
  7. Select the password option, then write the new coredy cx-e120 password.
  8. And last, click the Apply button.
  9. And the password of your repeater will be change.

Congrats! The password of the coredy CX-E120 Wi-Fi repeater has been change.

Some instruction to maintain your Coredy120 repeater properly

Some instruction to maintain your wi-fi repeater properly, which will come true range and your repeater will work well.
These coredy cx-e120 instructions are given below:

  • The first instruction is to set up your repeater at a secure place. You do not set up your repeater far away from the existing network.
  • Second instruction, your Cordy e120 repeater should be kept out of the reach of children.
  • The third instruction is that it should keep away from the window and door, and should not be place in an open environment.

These are some instructions that you have to keep in mind before setting up the repeater.

Coredy cx-e120 review

The coredy cx-e120 is a great device. Its includes many features and function. This device setup, log-in, and reset process is very easy to compare to other repeaters. The price of the coredy CX-E120 Wi-Fi repeater is the cheapest and easily available in the market. Now, somedays this technology is very popular and during lock-down, many home users use this device.