Let’s find out if ADT and Ring Doorbells are compatible or not!

Adt work with a ring doorbell

Security options like ADT systems and ring cameras are very common. A lot of people wonder whether these two systems are compatible or not. Sadly, the response is no. ADT systems can’t use ring cameras. The official response from both manufacturers is that. However, there are specific methods by which some people can connect these systems.
Due to their improper pairing or connection, it is impossible to connect these two devices, as previously mentioned. Z-wave protocols are used by both devices to communicate. The firmware must be modified by the manufacturers, and the unit must not communicate. This is mostly done to safeguard their product line, particularly against ADT. This is because it is used in many residential and commercial installations. Nevertheless, you can also check how to install a ring doorbell in 2 mins.

Why are Ring cameras unable to communicate with the ADT system?

  • ADT stopped supporting Ring doorbells after Amazon acquired Ring to prevent Amazon from expanding its market share.
  • ADT and Ring are very various frameworks on a basic level. ADT systems must be installed and maintained by ADT, and DIY projects are not permitted. While Ring units are meant to be simple to set up for regular users. Customers simply want to purchase all of ADT’s devices.
  • Furthermore, ADT systems require a subscription. This indicates that they must permanently secure the profits and maintain the system. They ensure that all systems remain internal by preventing users from deploying third-party devices.

Does Ring pair with ADT doorbells?

  • An ADT system cannot incorporate the Ring cameras. However, Ring doorbells can pair with ADT successfully. The ADT Control Center will not be able to list or control the Ring doorbell.
  • This basically indicates that the ADT system renders the Ring doorbell useless. You still need to use the Ring phone app to control the doorbell. You will receive the correct alerts when you add the Ring doorbell to your ADT system. However, the ADT app does not permit viewing the camera feed.
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Are there any other ways to link Ring to ADT?

  • Ring offers two ways to install a different system on older devices. The Ring Alarm Base Station and a Ring Retrofit Alarm Kit are both options. You will be able to connect some Ring devices to an ADT system with them.
  • However, configuring the devices can be quite challenging. To correctly install the unit and link it to the software, you probably need a skilled technician.
  • Check out Ring’s DIY guide if you want to give it a shot. It is doable, but you need some previous experience installing systems, particularly security systems.

Keep these things in mind before you start.

  • Even after it has been installed, you can’t change the settings without using two separate apps, ADT and Ring. Also, fix the problem, reset the system, and make other changes. In both the ADT and Ring apps, you will be able to receive notifications and other alerts.
  • The Ring base station ought to be connected to the wired system that ADT currently uses. The Ring device is being retrofitted into the ADT system. The ADT system’s sensors and other components must function.


Ring cameras and ADT systems cannot work together without additional separate base stations. Even in that case, you will still receive notifications and alerts. But you will not be able to modify settings or anything else. You need to use the Ring app to directly access the units to accomplish this.
However, utilizing a separate base station to connect the ADT system to Ring cameras necessitates expertise and valuable technical knowledge. Ring provides a try-it-yourself guide.
We don’t think integrating a Ring camera into an ADT system is worth the effort, time, or money. You would do better to use a device that is both compatible with and officially supported by Ring and ADT.