Must-Know The Timeline and Facts About Facebook Logo History

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms right now which is used most widely. It is used by a lot of people especially to get a social media network all over the world. With just approx than 2.89 billion dynamic monthly users, its rage far overshadows TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

You know three a lot of social media platforms available on your mobile phones. But Facebook is the best social media platform that has a long history. Moreover, the founder of Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg. It created a website heretofore in 2003 which qualified students at Harvard (where he was peering) to rate the magnificence of other researchers– kind of like “Hot or Not.”

That website, while being the predecessor to Facebook, didn’t prevail long. Mark Zuckerberg was compelled to complete it by the management at Harvard.

He subsequently created a private Facebook for Harvard learners, named TheFacebook. He was then sued by Harvard, whereas more additional on that subsequently.

Nowadays, Facebook is used by someone all over the planet, regardless of the area.

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If you have been interested in how Facebook’s logo has transformed over time, keep reading on. Now, I will be offering you the exclusive timeline of the Facebook logo and how it has grown since Facebook’s founding.

Facebook: Logo vs Icon

There are simply 2 kinds of logos I will be probing here. The foremost is the basic logo, which features the term “Facebook” and is lovely and easy across the board.

Apart from this, another kind of Facebook is the app icon, which has furthermore varied over a time period. The Facebook app icon features exclusively an “f,” whereas the invention has kept switching, as geriatric-time Facebook users will understand.

Eventually, there is also another icon intended for Facebook Messenger, which has altered immensely over the years. Regardless, I will create a different timeline for that, thereafter it being an essential element of Facebook.

Must-Know The Timeline & Facts About Facebook Logo History

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2003: Facemash, the Initial Facebook

In the year 2003, Mark Zuckerberg was pursuing studies at Harvard University. He began their new website that was named Facemash, which included a lot of pictures of various Harvard students and permitted users to liken their magnificence.

Apart from this, here you can easily see a clone of the aged Facemash.

It was a category such as the dating website. Facemash, also known as Hot or Not, is currently called Chat & Date. Also, as its name describes, the app “mashed” various faces concurrently therefore users could choose the most gorgeous one.

Zuckerberg hewed into the international network of Harvard to gather those pictures.

2004: TheFacebook

In 2004, Zuckerberg commenced the latest website named TheFacebook. At the time, Harvard had various “Facebook,” which were fundamentally student guides and had no correlation with the authentic contemporary-day Facebook.

2005: Facebook & Public Access

In the year of 2005, Facebook was renamed Facebook. After that in the year 2006, Facebook was launched to the public, permitting anyone just over the age of 13 years to open a Facebook account.

So, in this way, Facebook was renamed with a new name, and Facebook’s logo was altered as well. The latest logo was the term “Facebook” in all lowercase missives, in Klavika bold font – white missives on a blue backdrop.

2009: New Facebook Icon

After that, in 2009 Facebook launched a new icon as well. Nevertheless, the Facebook app icon was modified a little.

2012: A Revised Icon

Around the year 2012, Facebook changed its icon a little. There was always a quiet white line under the f, but the intersections were a higher spherical than before, and the f has put a piece more to the left.

2013: Still a Box Icon, But Different

In 2012, Facebook also changed their icon.

2015: New Logo With New Font

In 2012, Facebook launched a new logo of the Facebook with a new font.

2019: Inverted Logo & a Changed Icon

In 2019, Facebook created some influential updates to both its logo and the icon. Facebook(reset facebook account) has updated a new icon that was inverted – blue missives on a white background.