Reyee REX 12 Wifi Extender Setup Guide, DIY Manual

It can be a bit tricky when it comes to setting up these simple looking wifi extenders. But not to worry you are at the right location now, let us help you and guide you with proper step by step guide for Reyee wifi range extender setup. First things first, make sure you have a working router with proper internet connection at your home.

Also the extender should be plugged in in the same room as your router. Although after successful setup you can place it at different locations. Now, keep your phone or laptop handy. We will need them too.

So lets start with the process-

Reyee wifi booster wps setup

So, this is the easiest setup and that’s why we will try this first. For this make sure wps is enabled on your router.

  • Now, press the wps button on your router for 2 secs. You will get a blinking wps led on it.
  • Within 2 mins press the wps button on the reyee extender. It is the button that you see on the top of the Reyee Rex12 ext. The wps led on the wifi booster will also start blinking.
  • Now it hardly takes 60 seconds for the router to make a connection with the booster. A solid wifi or wps led on the extender confirms a successful connection. If the wps light doesn’t lit then try the wps again or use the second method of reyee setup. Before you try the next method we recommend you first reset the reyee extender.

How to reset Reyee wifi signal booster

If you press the button on the top of your extender for 2 seconds then it will initiate a WPS. If you press and hold it for 10-15 seconds then this will reset your extender to factory default seconds. You can watch this video how to reset wifi extender.

After successful reyee extender reset its SSID will show up as “Reyee-Sxxxx” in your wifi list. You can check this on your phone’s wifi or on your computer/laptop.

How to Setup a Reyee Wifi extender? Browser method.

So, in this method we will need a laptop or cell phone. And this is a bit tricky so kindly follow the step by step guide. For this make sure you have working internet on router and extender is plugged in to the wall too.

  • Now, grab your phone or computer and go to wifi. In the wifi list you will see your extender default network name showing up as “Reyee-Sxxx”.
  • Tap and connect to the “Reyee-Sxxx” network name. As soon as you connect to it the setup page will pop-up automatically. If it doesn’t then simply open a browser on the very same device.
  • You can use google, firefox, safari, etc to login into the setup page. So, on your browser in the address bar you need to type or this ip address to access the reyee browser management page.
  • On the setup page follow the on screen instructions. Then it will ask you to choose the network name that you want to extend. So there you simply need to select your router’s wifi network name among the list of all the available networks.
  • Additionally you need to type your router’s wifi passphrase (password) for confirmation.
  • After this save the settings and it will take around 60 secs for the Reyee ext to save the settings. You will see a solid wifi LED on your extender after successful setup. Now, you can unplug it and place it halfway between your router and the location where you need wifi connectivity.
  • In order to connect your device to the extender’s network go to wifi and look for your routers network name and connect to it. If you changed your extender’s network name then it will appear by that name.

Configuring Mesh EW-1200R as a Wifi Mesh

For this make sure you Ruijie Router and your mesh extender are plugged in the same room. Also you should be having a working internet on your Ruijie router.

Now press the mesh button that you have on the back side of your Ruijie router. You just have to press it once. It will automatically start looking for any other mesh device in the area.

It takes around 120 secs for the router to connect with the mesh extender. After successful connection you will see 2-3 lights on your wifi repeater. Now you can unplug the extender and place it at the desired location.


This is how you can easily setup your Reyee wifi booster. You can also watch these DIY videos on youtube too. In case you need help with your device and it is in warranty you can get in touch with the reyee support here.