Starlink Router / Power Supply All Lights Meaning?

starlink router light meaning

What is the Meaning Of Starlink Router LED’s and Power LED’s

Your starlink router and power supply Led lights can help you understand your device better. In case it has red light or blinking white in this article we will explain you the meaning of each led on starlink.

Lets first Understand the Led Lights Meaning on Starlink Router

Starlink Standard Circular Dish Router Light Meaning

On this router’s kit you will find the LED on the front. It Goes Red, White or No Light. Lets learn about them-


    1. If you have Solid White light then it means you have ‘strong connection’. It also means you have good working Internet.
    2. Blinking White light on starlink circular dish router means that it is looking for satellites. So, it is in setup mode and you need to complete its process. If you have done that already then wait for 20 within which it gets the internet mostly. If it doesn’t then the light will turn red.
    3. Red Light on the unit means it is not connected to the Internet. For this try rebooting your units if that doesn’t help get in touch with the starlink support. Click here to learn how to reach starlink support. Or else Click here to try DIY steps on how to resolve starlink red light.
    4. No Lights on the router means that there is no power to the router. Check the cables and plugs if all are connected properly. Also check the cables between router and power supply.

Starlink Rectangular/ Mesh / High Performance Router Lights Meaning

For the above mentioned Rectangular, starlink mesh and high performance router units the LED is at the bottom. In these latest routers you will see only two lights On/Off. So, if there is a Solid Light then it means that the router is receiving power supply. In case there is no light on the starlink router then it confirms no power is getting supplied to the unit. Kindly check the cables and power supply to diagnose this problem.

Starlink Power Supply Light Status

The Circular Dish has power supply unit whereas the other rectangular, mesh & high performance ones doesn’t have power supply unit. So here will learn the meaning of the circular standard dish’s power supply.

  1. If it has 2 solid white lights then it will mean that that it has good power.
  2. 1 light here means that you need to check the cables and make sure there should be two lights.
  3. No lights mean no power to the adapter. So check cables or try different power outlet.

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