Wavlink WL-WN578B2 AERIAL D4Q AC-750 Repeater/ Access Point/ Router

In this Pandemic period of covid19, Wi-Fi is more necessary than we imagine. People use it for all-purpose such as Work from home, for homework, for entertainment purpose, etc. Better Wi-Fi means better range, stability, and speed. Nothing is better than a Wi-Fi Extender. Numerous brands manufacture Wi-Fi Extenders in India. One of the best brands is of course Wavlink. Latest Wavlink AERIAL D4Q AC 750 is one of the best Wi-Fi Extenders in that price point which can also be used as an Access Point. Another feature is the ability to use as a router as well. To use as a router, you just need to directly connect internet connection to the Wavlink WN578B2 AC-750 and also toggle the mode switcher towards Router as well.

Wavlink AERIAL D4Q AC-750 comes with some great features such as WPS connectivity, Compatible with almost all routers, simplified Web-UI for setup, smart signal indicator, mode switching button and lot more. Just like other Extender WN578B2 comes with an attractive design. We can use this router in Extender mode, Router mode, and access point mode. We can go through setup now.

Wavlink AERIAL D4Q AC 750 Extender Setup with WPS

WL-WN578B2 AERIAL D4Q gives us two options for the initial setup. We can either use an online Web-UI based setup and via WPS based setup. Some routers not equipped with WPS technology can opt Web-UI based setup. We can go through WPS based step by step process now.
Wavlink AERIAL D4Q AC 750

  1. Unbox your Wavlink AC-750 Extender from the box.
  2. Connect your Wavlink Extender to an AC power output.
  3. Check whether the router supports WPS if the router doesn’t support WPS go to the next section.
  4. Locate the WPS button on your router and Extender.
  5. Power “ON” the Wireless Extender.
  6. Turn the mode switcher towards Extender mode.
  7. Press the WPS button in your Wavlink WL-WN578B2 AERIAL.
  8. Push the WPS button around ten seconds.
  9. After finishing the above steps, press the WPS button on your connectivity router.
    Note: If there’s no WPS button, go to the next section of the article.
  10. If the connection is successful, LED light will blink.
  11. Now please relocate your Extender to the proper spot to achieve maximum efficiency.
    Note: Proper spot is the midpoint of the Wireless Deadzone and your home router.
  12. You’re good to go. Start enjoying your Extended wireless network and be careful with the COVID-19.

Wavlink AERIAL WL-WN578B2 D4Q AC-750 SETUP with Web browser

Wavlink AC-750 is very easy to set up with the help of Web-UI, We can go through step by step process on how to set up using a Web browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox via the simplified Website wifi.wavlink.com or

  1. Double-check your router is compatible with WL-WN578B2 and unbox your Wavlink Wireless Repeater
  2. Please connect your Extender to an electrical outlet suitable for the extender.
  3. Power ON your router and Wavlink AC-750 repeater.
  4. You can check power via Power LED switch in your repeater.
  5. Toggle the switch towards Repeater Mode.
  6. Connect any Wi-Fi enabled device to the repeater with the above-mentioned web browsers.
  7. Enter wifi.wavlink.com or to enter Wavlink Initial setup page.
  8. Enter the page with your username and password
    Note: Both username and password are “admin” in default.
  9. Enter the web page and locate the Wizard option and open that option.
  10. Connect to the router you needed to connect with the extender.
  11. Enter the authentication page and connect.
  12. It may take a few minutes to complete the setup.
  13. On to use the Extender, connect the device extender’s Wi-FI name and password.
  14. Now the connection is successfully established.
  15. Start Enjoying your Extended Wireless Network. Stay Safe, Stay Home and start browsing.


Wavlink AC-750 is not only just an Extender but also an Access Point or a router. Yes, Wavlink AC-750 can be used as an Extender, Access Point, and a Router and switch between this with the easy mode switcher.

We can check how to set up your Wavlink AC-750 as an Access point through this step by step guide.

  1. Unbox and power your WL-WN578B2 Extender.
  2. Connect your router and Wavlink Extender with an Ethernet cable.
  3. Turn ‘ON’ the Wavlink Extender and toggle towards the Access Point on the Extender.
  4. Connect to the Wi-FI and enter via web browser mentioned in Web-UI based setup section.
  5. Open URL wifi.wavlink.com or and open the website.
  6. Access the website via default username and password.
    Note: Default username and password is: admin
  7. Enter the wizard section to enter into Access point mode.
  8. Wait a few minutes to complete the setup successfully.
  9. When reaches full, You can use your Extender as an Access point.

Wavlink Extender AERIAL D4Q AC-750 Firmware Update

After buying any products, it is important to get good performance for a long time. To keep updated your product, the only way is to keep your firmware updated. Firmware gives you security patches as well, which makes your Extender more secure as well.

  1. Check whether there is any update for your Wavlink AC-750 Wireless Repeater.
  2. Open the mentioned web browser and enter wifi.wavlink.com.
  3. Enter the settings menu.
  4. Enter Update section from the menu
  5. Go through ‘Check Online Option’.
  6. The result will show whether there is an update or not.
  7. Now please follow the prompts and Download your firmware.
  8. The file will be downloaded in the download folder of your system.
  9. Extract the file and paste it in the “Paste Here” section.
  10. Upload the firmware file and wait a few minutes.
  11. Please wait a few minutes and your system will be updated.

Reset your Wavlink AERIAL WL-WN578B2 Extender

Reset your Extender is good at sometimes to improve performance and may help to build security as well. We can go through step by step process to reset your Wavlink Repeater.

  1. Locate the Factory reset hole on your Extender.
  2. Pick any sharp object any insert into the hole.
  3. Press the Factory reset button using a sharp object.
  4. Wait a few seconds and pick back the sharp object.
  5. If the Wavlink Repeater begins to rebooting, Extender is in now Factory reset.

We can say the Wavlink AC- 750 Repeater is an excellent choice at this price point and from the Wavlink manufacturers. Wavlink Extenders is good at company support and warranty-related matters and pushing firmware updates to the system.