Which Dlink extender features Make it best for Gaming?

Dlink extender features

If you are also a gamer then I’m sure your first priority is fast high speed internet. Now, it is very likely that your router and gaming console might not be in the same room.
This causes lagging in your game, so you don’t get enough bandwidth. To ease this problem we bring you today a verified and tested solution that is Range extender. Range extender is a device which helps in extending your existing wifi to cover your dead zoes.

And among the list of different extenders available in the market, the best one is Dlink extender. So, let’s learn how it is best for you today by learning about its features.

What Makes Dlink Extender Best Solution To Cover Dead Zones?

Here we will list some of the dlink extender features that will make it the best solution for you.

  • It comes with two external antennas that will cover your house with proper bandwidth.
  • Depending upon the model of the dlink extender that you buy you can get minimum of 300 mbps on 2.4 ghz to max 1800 mbps.
  • It is a dual band extender so it can extend both your 2.4ghz and 5ghz bands together.
  • Moreover its setup is also very easy. You can set it up via Dlink QRS App (iOS, Android). Or Else you can also setup dlink extender via browser. For this you can use its default login page dlinkap.local or ip address. The other setup can be done via the WPS push button. This is the easiest of all where you just need to push wps on your router and within 2 mins push the wps on dlink extender.
  • It also comes with a signal strength indicator. This helps you find the optimal wifi location for your wifi range extender.
  • Now it comes with a whooping 3 year brand warranty. This is most offered by any other brand. Moreover you can get in touch with the dlink support too here.
  • You can fix dlink extender firmware Failed very easily
  • Last but not the least it comes with an ethernet port. This will help you connect your gaming console directly with ethernet cable to the dlink extender. As we all know wired connection provides better speed rather than wifi. So, this feature is also very useful in the life of gamers.


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