Which Ring doorbells are compatible with an existing chime?

The wires from the previous doorbell may be connected to your Ring doorbell system. But don’t worry, it can also work with the chime that is already in place. The doorbell chime can be disabled as well. It is done so that it does not make noise when it might not be desired, like when a child is sleeping. Some chimes are incompatible with Ring doorbells, while others are. Fortunately, installing compatible ones is not difficult. You can find everything you need to know by reading this article to the end. Know how to connect Ring doorbell to Alexa,

What Ring doorbell works with the existing chime?

It’s helpful to know which Ring Doorbell devices will work with each other first. A Ring Doorbell will work with door chimes powered by AC and operating at voltages between 8 and 24 volts. It will not work with any wireless door chimes or intercom systems that use a DC transformer.
An excellent list of doorbells that are specifically compatible with a Ring Doorbell can be found on this website.*** Additionally, it differentiates between digital and mechanical doorbell chimes. The “ding-dong” sound that most people associate with doorbells is produced by mechanical ones. In the case of electronic ones, a speaker will play a sound that has been pre-recorded and is frequently available for you to select from.
With a chime, three different Ring doorbells function. The Ring Video Doorbell Pro, Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2, and Ring Video Doorbell Elite can be used with a chime that is already in place. They can be set up with your home chime but need to be hardwired into your electrical system. Let’s see how to install it, moving forward. Also, you can take a look at general info, from the Ring website.

How to install a Ring doorbell with the existing chime?

It is time to install the new Ring Doorbell device once you have figured out whether your doorbell chime will work with it.

  • Charge the Ring doorbell:

    The Ring Doorbell will first need to be charged. Connect the micro-USB cable that comes with the doorbell to the back of it to accomplish this. Try connecting that to a power supply. On the front of the doorbell, a blue LED light will appear as a result of this. After the ring has lit completely, the battery should be at 100%.

  • Remove the current doorbell:

    After that, you should take the doorbell that you currently own out of your home. You can check to see if any wires connect to the doorbell from here.

  • Wire the existing wires to ring the doorbell:

    Once you take the old doorbell out, you will take the two wires that come from the door. Pass them through the middle of the base plate of the Ring. Additionally, secure them to the base plate’s two screws. The diode will be installed between these two screws when you install a digital or electronic doorbell.

  • Attach the base plate to the door frame:

    Attach the base plate to the door frame. After putting the included level in the middle, check that it is even. Soon, you will insert the screws into the door frame and base plate with the screwdriver.
    You need to download the Ring app, create an account, and then log in before you can finish this. Follow the setup instructions, including putting the address of your house and the location of the doorbell.

  • Adjust the wi-fi and video settings:

    To check the video quality, press the front button on your Ring doorbell. You may need to adjust your wi-fi settings if it is not how you want it. Use a Ring Chime Pro, which can be used as a wi-fi extender, or move your router.

  • Attach the Ring doorbell to the base plate:

    When you are satisfied, you can loosen the two screws that hold it in place. It is present at the doorbell’s bottom and slides over the base plate until it latches. Gradually, you can use the screwdriver that came with the device to tighten the screws.

  • Change settings in the Ring app:

    You can change all other settings in the Ring app. The volume itself can be turned off, along with the other settings that can be changed. Open the app, select your doorbell, and then select the gear icon to access the settings.

Select “Doorbell Kit Settings” from there, then select the type of doorbell you want. Switch the button marked “Ring my in-home doorbell” to off and select either mechanical or digital. In the settings, where “Doorbell Tone Volume” is listed, you can also turn the volume down. Get more data on how a Ring doorbell functions.