The rockspace wireless extender network is crucial to connect with any router’s network for increasing the internet network range of the router for long distances. The wifi extender is perfectly working in the low network zone. This extender supports the 2.4GHz and 5GHz radio frequencies for better internet signals.

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Moreover, this wireless device is working with every router and easily connects to any device. The wifi extender transfers data 300Mbps speed with the connection of 2.4GHz dual-frequency. The mobile helps to manage the device easily and fastly. We can easily access the rockspace local setting with the re.rockspace.local login page. The rock space wifi extender provides the whole home internet network coverage, faster and stable connection, power security, no interference.
Furthermore, this rock space router is compatible with 99% of market routers. This device also helps full in the low network zone area.

Requirements for Rockspace Wireless Extender Setup

The things which are needed to complete the process of extender setup are very important. Some preparation and requirements are important before using the device.

  • A laptop, computer, smartphone, and also any device.
  • An Ethernet cable for the wired connection.
  • Working modem and router with strong performance and compatibility.
  • One power adapter for supplying power.
  • Device password and username for visiting the web page.
  • Also, an IP address and web address for login to the wifi extender are required.

If you are using the new extender. So, make the cable connection and take configuration information from the manual and envelope. If you are using the old wireless extender. So, reset the device for deleting the old installation setting and setup again.

Basic Tips Before Doing Setup of Rockspace WiFi Extender

Take extra information from these tips before doing any process related to the new wireless range extender.

  • Do not plug the entender in any extension.
  • Do not press any button of your extender or router between any processes.
  • Place your extender in the proper range of the router network.
  • Connect your router to the working internet connection of the modem.
  • The router login label is attached on the backside.
  • Always write your device network name and security key after any modification.

Easy steps to set up Rockspace WiFi Extender with re.rockspace.local

To begin with, follow the steps to set up the rockspace device line by line which is mentioned in the underlines. You can set up the device with the login extender into the web browser through the IP address or re.rockspace.local login.

Recognition of the LED lights before setup of the extender
  • Power LED- when your device is power ON. Then, this light starts blinking.
  • 4GHz LED- that is blinking when devices transfer or receive internet data.
  • 5GHz LED- when your device starts receiving or transmitting signals when it is blinking.
  • WPS LED- when you press the hardware WPS button. Then, it shows light.
  • Internet LED- it is blinking when your device connects to the internet connection.
Setup the rockspace extender using the WPS button

Some devices have a WPS hardware button for establishing the connection between devices. With the WPS button, the setup process of the router and extender are successful in a few seconds. Follow the steps to set up the device with WPS which is written in the underlines.

  • First, remove the packing from the device
  • Take the power adapter.
  • Then, attach the power adapter to the extender into the power port.
  • Next, plug it into the working electric socket and turn the device from the power button.
  • The enternder starts blinking the lights and waits for a solid green light.
  • Also, turn on the router.
  • After that, press the WPS button of the router and wifi extender.
    rockspace wps
  • Wait for approximately 7 seconds.
  • The device again starts blinking the lights
  • When the entender shows the solid green lights. Thus, your router is connected to the extender.
Setup the Rockspace_ext with Web UI
  • Initially, install any web browser on your laptop, computer, or smartphone.
  • Open the web page and use it 192.168. 10.1 for rockspace_ext page.
  • Text this re.rockspace.local in the search box and click on the entry.
  • Then, the Rockspace web page will open.
  • Create the login password for increasing the security level of web pages and you can log in to it later.
  • Tap on the next.
  • After that, it automatically scans the available nearby wifi network.
  • Next, choose the network name of your router from the network list and text the security key of your home network device.
  • Then, text the security key and network name of your wifi extender. Top on the next.
  • Open the wireless connection and choose the one frequency from 4.5GHz or 5GHz by entering the security key.
  • Click continue on the web page of the rockspace. local and tap on the finish when the extender and router are configured.
  • At last, your device will be ready to use, and select the perfect location on your device in your home for good internet performance.
  • Locate your rockspace extender in the range of your router for expanding signals in the desired area.

These are the steps to set up rockspace and do not leave any step from the process. Thus, the whole process would be halved.

Tips to Access the Settings of the rockspace Wireless Extender with Web UI

With help of this, you can manage the screen, control, and settings of the extender. You can change any setting and control the whole device through access re.rockspace.local login page. Follow these tips.

  • Turn ON the wifi of your PC or smartphone.
  • Connect it to the extender network.
  • Use this https://rerockspace-local to visit the web page.
  • Then, text the security key and network name of your extender.
  • Tap on the login
  • After that, open the settings and change any things according to your choice.

These are the tips to access the wireless range extender’s setting.

Ways to update the Rockspace extender’s firmware

The firmware helps to perform better and transfer the stable connection with interference. These are the ways to upgrade the firmware which is mentioned in the underlines.

  • Download the recent firmware file from the rockspace website.
  • Connect the laptop and mobile phone to the extender.
  • Open the web browser in your device and log in to the entender
  • After that, come to the settings and open the advanced setting.
  • Select the firmware update option and pick the firmware downloaded file.
  • Next, click on the upgrade, and the upgrading process of the extender will start.
  • After completing the update, your wireless extender will reboot automatically.
  • Do not restart your by the button or manually in the updating process because it can damage your device’s firmware.

Common problems related to the re.rockspace.local web page

These are the common problems people show day by day.

  • The web browser does not open the re.rockspace.local login page.
  • The password of the extender is not working.
  • Showing page not loaded, error.
  • Enternder not showing in the network list.
  • The wireless extender is not connected to the router with a WPS button.
  • The internet is not working.

Ways to change the admin password of the Rockspace wireless Extender

Modifying the admin password is important for high security. You get information about how to modify the extender’s security key through the web browser. Please read these steps before starting any process.

  • Click on the web browser on your computer.
  • After opening the browser, put this 192.168. 10.1 in the search option.
  • Tap the enter for loading and enter the username and password.
  • Click on the login.
  • When the page will open, click on the manage option from the settings.
  • Text the new admin security key in the option
  • Next, tap on the save. Then, the new password of an extender is saved.

For checking if the new password is working or not. So, try to log in to the web page again by entering the new key.

Rockspace wifi extender characteristics

To trigger with, There are numerous characteristics of the rock space wifi extender.

Universal compatibility

You can connect almost every router which is available in the market to the router. You can connect the router to the extender with the WPS button or setting.

Powerful signals

The device offers you better and strong signals for perfect working. The device is working with the dual frequencies 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

Stable connection

People use this entendre for a stable and strong connection. The wireless and wired connections the strong signals. But the Ethernet connection provides a stable connection more than a wifi connection.

High tech-Security

The device offers strong and from any unuseful use. It can also provide safety from interference from the other device network.

Easy to access

It is very simple to access the extender with the mobile RS app and login website. You can easily modify any setting of your extender.

These are the incredible features of the rock space wireless extender.

How do I increase the signal strength and speed of the Rockspace Wireless Extender?

Now, I will discuss the ways to increase the performance of internet signals and the data transferring speed of the device. Follow the steps line by line without missing any tip.

Select the perfect place:

The placement of the device is very important because the whole performance is passed on to it. Locate your extender in the perfect place. Place your device in the router’s internet range coverage for a stable connection and an open area in the home like a drawing-room.

Additionally, attach the antennas of the extender and move at the 45 degrees perfect angle. Thus, any barriers cannot come in the way of transferring signals. Maybe the center location of your home is perfect.

In addition, place the range extender away from any electric appliance, electromagnetic device, motor, and more because these things affect the power of internet network signals. The walls and ceilings also put interference in the signal waves.

Upgradation of the device:

The firmware update of the device is very necessary from time to time for the powerful speed. If your device is working with the old version firmware. After some time, your device stops working. Therefore, it is mandatory to update it. You can take instructions from the manual and envelope of the rockspace. You can update firmware from the setting with log-in to the device.

Select dual-band frequency:

For the high data transferring speed or power connection. Choose the one radio frequency from the 5GHz or 4.5GHz. The 5GHz frequency transfers the range in the limited area but with the most powerful signals. The 4.5GHz radio frequency provides coverage for the long area with strong speed.

Reset the rockspace_ext:

When your device is not working, not providing a better connection, or not changing any settings. The reset process can solve the issues related to the device within 8-10 minutes. The reset process makes the device like new and it refreshes all the settings. You need to set it up again. For using the reset option, take a pin and enter it into the hole of reset. Hole it for 1 minute. After that, the lights start blinking, and when the lights stop blinking the reset process of your device is completed. Therefore, the rockspace_ext will be working perfectly.

You can take guidelines from here for increasing the stability and speed of the wireless extender.