Bigtec 1200 Mbps Wifi Extender Setup and Installation Guide

Bigtec Wifi Repeater Setup

With this new bigtec wifi repeater you can enhance the wifi coverage in your home, office, or restaurants. This comes with 4 external antennas to provide better coverage. In this article today we will learn about Bigtec Wifi Repeater Setup.

To start with first of all you need to make sure you have a working router and a phone or computer. Now the extender should be plugged in the same room as you have your working router. You can check here how to setup router if it already isn’t configured.

Bigtec Wifi Reapeter Setup Manual

  • First and foremost you should be having a solid blue power LED on the extender. It will come once you plug it into a wall outlet.
  • Next you will need to connect to the wifi booster’s network name. For this grab your phone or computer and then go to the wifi list. There you will see the Bigtec 1200 wifi repeater network name coming up.
  • It will come up as “wireless-n” or “bigtec repeater” or “wifi booster”. Connect to this network. At this moment it will comeup as an “open network”. This means you wont need to type any password to get connected to it. Moreover Bigtec wifi booster will also you as an “Unsecured Network” for the very same reason.
  • So, once it says “Connected & No Internet” open a browser on the very same device.
  • You can use any updated browser google, firefox, safari, etc. The important thing to remember here is that you must be doing this all on only one device.
  • On the browser you need to type in the URL or address bar. This will take you to your bigtec extenders login page.
  • Type username and password “admin” if it asks.
  • Now, select the mode as “reapeater” and hit next.
  • In the next window it will ask you to choose the network name that you want to extend. So, simply select your router’s wifi network among the list of all available networks. You will need to type your network password too for successful Installation.
  • It hardly takes 60 secs for extender to setup from this point.
  • Once done you will be able to see the new extender network name in your wifi list with “_EXT”.

Bigtec Extender Setup is not working

For whatever reason if your wifi boosters setup is not complete then let us help you diagnose the problem and make it working. First and foremost you need to reset the extender.

You can reset your bigtec wifi booster by putting a needle inside the reset hole for 10 secs. While you are doing this the extender should be plugged in to the wall. You can check the video here for better understanding about how to reset extender.

Now you should follow the same process as we did earlier. And if for any reason the ip isn’t working then you can use, or

If for any reason you still can’t setup the wifi booster then we can use second method of setup that is WPS or Wifi Protected Setup. For this Setup make sure “wps” is enabled on the router. You can check that by checking the wps light on the front panel of the router. If its blinking the wps is enabled.

Second Method For bigtec Wifi Booster Setup

  • For this setup process also the extender and router should be plugged in the same room.
  • Now first press and hold the wps button on your router for 2 seconds. You will see a blinking light on it as you do so.
  • Next, within 2 mins press the wps button on the bigtec wifi repeater. You will find the wps button on the front or on the side. You can check here what WPS Button looks like.
  • Once the wps led on the extender turns stable it confirms a successful wps setup.
  • Moreover, the bigtec wifi repeater will also show up in your wifi list with _Ext.
  • In order to connect to it you need to use the same wifi password as your router’s.
  • Also, now you can unplug the extender and move it halfway between your router and the place where you need wifi connectivity.