How to browse Reddit anonymously on pc? Is It Safe?

Are you thinking about, “Is Reddit anonymous browsing safe?” “How to go anonymous on the Reddit website?”. Here a quick guide is given to browsing Reddit anonymously on pc.

The anonymous browsing, reddit app, and its website help access the Reddit web page on your iOS, MAC, or PC.

If you like to browse Reddit anonymously on pc but without using the app, then you can use the Reddit website. Here we are discussing in-depth, “how to go anonymous on reddit website?”.

Keep remembering that plenty of features of the Reddit website may be available when you are browsing Reddit anonymously on pc, Reddit anonymous browsing chrome, or using a Reddit incognito mode browser.

Make sure your computer is connected with a wifi connection. You can allow your network for reddit anonymous browsing MAC. So, let’s search on the browser first for your router IP address or http //myrouter.local registration Id. Enter all the details to log in to your wireless router and after this enter the wifi password. After entering it, kindly enable the website which you want to browse with this network anonymously.

But mainly, you should be capable of utilising most of the site’s elements with no one understanding who you are.

How to go anonymous on the reddit website?

Do you want to reddit anonymous browsing on the desktop? If yes, just need to connect your wireless enabling device with the perfect connection of the network.

When you browse Reddit anonymously on a PC, your browsing activity is not hooked up with your Reddit account. Once in a while, your Reddit website admin username will not be hooked up with anything you do while Chrome browsing anonymously.

It would like to have a distinct account that no one knows regarding. Whatever you do while Anonymous Browsing remains under the hood and is deleted as soon as you produce usual browsing.

Reddit likewise doesn’t keep your tracking and browsing history while you are in Anonymous Browsing mode. This signifies that your web browsing is absolutely confidential and will not be utilized to personalize your experience on the location.

Apart from this, Anonymous Browsing just allows you to read-only, which signifies you cannot function any activities that need an account. This comprises voting, broadcasting, or commenting. Nevertheless, you can always view all the content that’s available on Reddit.

  • In the beginning, you need to connect your mobile phone to the internet connection or a wifi connection.
  • After this, you have to launch the Reddit app on your desktop, Pc, Mac, or iOS.
  • Then, click on your Avatar to launch the account menu.
  • Wait for a minute, and launch it.
  • Click on the downward-facing arrow which is given in line with your username. Choose Anonymous Browsing from the browser menu.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and you can use Reddit anonymously on pc.

How Do I Enable Anonymous Browsing Mode on the Reddit Android App?

These are the following steps given below to enable browsing Reddit anonymously mode on the Reddit Android app.

If you would like to browse Reddit anonymously on your Android device, you can move on to Anonymous Browsing mode in the Reddit android app.

To enable the Anonymous Browsing Mode on the Reddit Android App, emulate the below-given steps:

  • In the beginning, you need to download or install the Reddit app on your device from the play store app of your mobile phone.
  • After this, click on your Reddit app Avatar to launch the account menu.
  • Then, launch it and wait for a second click on the downward-facing arrow. It is showing in line with your Reddit account username.
  • In the last, choose Anonymous Browsing from the presenting menu.

From the presenting menu, you can browse Reddit(reset reddit account) as expected without your action being hooked up with your Reddit app account. When you have accomplished Google browsing anonymously, merely try to complete an action that needs a Reddit account (like voting or posting), and you will be encouraged to “Leave Anonymous Browsing”.

Note: In case, you need a great network connection for browsing Reddit anonymously on pc impeccably. If you are searching for a router then you can use the Linksys velop wifi router, D’link router, Tp-link router, etc. The Velop setup is exclusively too easy as compared to others.

How Can I Browse Reddit Anonymously on Google Chrome?

If you would like to browse Reddit anonymously on a desktop, the most effortless method to do so is by utilizing Incognito mode in your Google browser, as the Anonymous Browsing element is not available on the desktop eventually.