Can I Control Other Users From Modifying Settings In Windows 11?

A lot of People can genuinely mess with your Windows 11 desktop and PC if they can access the Settings app. Don’t fret, just know from here, how you can resolve and control the other users after configuring and modifying settings in Windows 11.

With your computer or desktop Windows 11 Settings app, anyone can easily make different changes in Windows 11. Sometimes, due to internet issues, you face a lot of issues while you are using Windows 11. You resolve the network issues just by using an access point in your home with an existing router. After completing the initial setup with www.ap.setup, you will not face various issues with the network. It also provides your devices with a high-speed network without occurring any issues. Through the computer Windows 100, you can easily personalize the Operating system and easily manage apps and hardware.

Also, Windows 11 allows you to configure all your computer Windows Security, and enable you to perform updates, among other things. And squeezing the incorrect system settings can create the computer downright unusably.

If you don’t like to use other clients to accidentally make modifications on your Windows 11 PC, you can thoroughly disable all the settings with your Settings app. Let’s know in depth how you can do that.

Steps To Disable The Settings With Local Group Policy Editor

WIndows 11 has a lot of issues. You can troubleshoot it by updating Windows 11, modifying settings in Windows 11, and changing the settings of your computer. Also, you can disable the local group policy editor settings from your computer. If you would like to disable the Settings app from your Local Group Policy Editor, just turn on your PC, Laptop, and Windows 11 having the device. Follow the below-given points to apply the settings or disable the settings app with your local group policy editor.

Step first

Turn on your computer and laptop. Firstly, refresh your computer or laptop which you have. After that, press the Windows and R key on your computer keyboard. Wait until it is not open a Windows Run dialogue box. When it opens, just wait and locate the gpedit.msc through its search bar. After entering it, click on the text box and finally, press the keyboard Enter key. Also, if you are a user of a Windows 11, you will not use the Windows Registry Editor, you just use the Local Group Policy Editor to disable the settings app.

Step Second

After tapping on the enter key, it appears in the Local Group Policy editor box on your Windows. If it is not available while you are searching it on the run box, but it is not available, then you should not use Windows Registry Editor instead. If it is located, then you will locate under it its user Configuration. Tap on it and choose the Administrative Templates and wait after this, click on the Control Panel. Wait for a second the control panel appears as a box on the Windows 11 screen, just right-click. It Restricts you to access the Control Panel then tap on the PC settings and lastly choose an Edit option.

Step third

Now, look on your computer screen, prohibit access to the control panel and the Pc settings box appears on your computer Windows 11 box. You just click on the Windows 11 Enabled radial button to Modify Settings In Windows 11. After this, click on the Ok option and wait until it shows the result.

Step Four

Now, whenever anyone endeavors to open the Settings app to Modifying Settings In Windows 11. It will shut itself spontaneously, controlling them from utilizing it. You can effortlessly undo the modifications by opening the Prohibit access to PC and Control Panel settings policy again. It also allows you to configure it again by clicking on the Not Configured radial button. Now, you can apply more settings on your networking device. Configure all the settings and connect the network again. If you use the access point with your router then must configure it. Use a browser and type http //ap.setup wizard to configure its network for your Windows 11. After making the changes in the network, you can easily use your Windows 11.

Step five

Finally, you use your Windows 11 to stream and perform any activity. It works very superiorly after Modifying Settings In Windows 11.