OBRO AV360 WiFi extender

Are you tired of wi-fi dead zones or continuous dropping wifi connection? Then use the OBRO AV360 WiFi extender to get no more dead spots in your house and get smooth and strong internet connectivity to the entire house. With a powerful signal wifi booster, it helps to penetrate all the floors and the walls to expand the internet connection. It can cover 3000 square feet of the area very effectively and is specially designed for the home and the small office use. Moreover, the wifi range extender enables powerful speed and superb wireless performance.

The OBRO WiFi range extender comes with dual 2.4 GHz and5 GHz operating bands and with an advanced central processor that helps to improve the internet speed up to 1200 Mbps of high speed. Along with that, the LED signal indicators provides the stability in positioning the extender at your home which makes the setup process very easier and quicker. Also, you can connect the OBRO extender to the thirty wireless devices simultaneously.

OBRO AV360 WiFi extender Installation

The OBRO WiFi extender help to reduce the interference between the range extender and the connected devices. It ensures that you get flawless wifi coverage throughout the home and the office. Moreover, the OBRO range extender seamlessly works with any standard wireless routers and wifi repeaters. Also, it offers you tips for quick and easy Obro wifi extender installation. Follow these steps to install the extender manually.

Before Installation tips

For the perfect Obro wifi extender configuration, you need to know the tips that help you to get breakthrough internet connectivity so you can enjoy anything on the internet.

  • The wifi range extender offers you the antennas for wireless operations. You can use them upright to get extreme wifi performance.
  • If you are not using the Obro wifi range extender for the first time then you should perform the reset to the factory default settings.
  • Also, set the wifi range extender to the repeater mode which is next to the router mode, and then position the device to get the optimum range of connection.
  • In case you need to reset the repeater device then simply hold or press the reset button for 7 seconds and then leave the button.
LED indicator and the device button Explanation

As you know the different LED light indicates different denotations.

  • The Obro wifi extender pink light indicates that the extender wifi network does not access the wifi area and provides a poor wifi range signal. To resolve this issue, move the wifi extender near to the router and closer to the extender until the device LED turns solid green.
  • The Obro wifi extender purple light indicates the internet connection seems to be slow or down or lost the cloud connection. To get the range extender into the working condition, check the connectivity of the internet, if it is slow then power off the device ad then after waiting for a minute turn the power-on of the device and then again check for the LED light.
  • The Obro wifi extender orange LED light indicates that the wifi connection seems to be poor and weak.
  • It shows the orange LED when you join the extender network connection to the wireless router for the first time then it blinks orange or amber LED.
  • White light

    The Obro wifi extender White light indicates that the wireless connection is successfully established and the device is about to start its firmware update. It’s a kind of Obro wifi extender instruction that does not unplug the wireless device when the firmware update is in the process.

  • On the port of the Obro extender, you will find a WPS button that helps to enable the connection between the range extender and the wifi-enabled devices.
  • The reset button and by using that button the wireless router will be powered on or you can also reboot the device. By using a sharp object hit on the button for more than 7 seconds and then it’s done.
  • A WAN port button that helps to connect to the cable or DSL modem or an ethernet power jack.
  • A LAN port that helps to connect to the wired devices or the computer device to the wireless router.

These are the explanation of the buttons and the LEDs that help you to know your device much better. For further details about the Obro wifi extender install, read its instruction guide.

OBRO AV360 WiFi extender Setup

For the Obro wifi extender setup, you can use two different methods that are the WPS button and the other is the setup by using the web management interface. Well, let’s begin the setup of the Obro extender without detaining the time.

OBRO Web Management Interface Setup

You can also open the use your smartphone to access the web management interface of the Obro wireless range extender.

  • Open the internet portal into your mobile or computer device.
  • Enter the Obro wifi extender IP address into the address bar.
  • Now you are prompted to the login page.
  • On the login page enter the default credential details that are mentioned on the device and press the login button.
  • After login, select the repeater mode and the computer mode as well.
  • If the process completes successfully then the device LED green light started doing circulation with the best signal quality.
  • Your setup is done with the Orbi extender. All you have to do is to wait to let the process complete.
  • You can also change the position of the antennas to make the range connection stronger.
OBRO wifi range extender WPS Button Setup

Setup of the OBRO range extender with the WPS button is the simplest and the easiest method.

  • Check for the WPS button on the ORBO device, it will get you on the rear panel of the device.
  • Once you get the WPS button then press the WPS button.
  • Press or hold the WPS button with the help of any sharp object like a paper pin, nail or you can also use your thumb to press the WPS button.
  • After pressing the button for ten seconds then release the button.
  • When you hear the beep sound then simply release the button.
  • The device will blink the green LED which indicates a successful connection between the wireless devices.

These are the two simple and intuitive methods to perform the configuration of the OBRO range extender.

OBRO AV360 WiFi extender Login with IP address

After the setup of the OBRO wifi range extender, now you have to do the Obro wifi extender login to access the settings of the device. You simply need the IP address that you have to enter and then you are on the homepage of the obro wireless extender. However, the IP address is commonly used to prevent exhaustion. Follow the log-in steps to connect the extender with the wireless device.

  • Prominently, make sure that the computer or laptop should be connected to a reliable internet connection.
  • Now open an internet portal on your computer or laptop device.
  • Enter the default IP address into the address bar, you can also use any other IP address which is associated with the Obro extender.
  • On the login page of the extender, enter the Obro wifi extender default password and the username into the two blank bars.
  • Now you are on the home page of the Obro extender from where you can easily change the username and the wifi password.
  • Also, you can change the default IP address or any other settings that creates a problem when the IP address is the same as any other device.
  • Moreover, you can set parental control to limit the reach of the settings to access the website.
  • You can also deny or allow specific users to access the wifi range extender after the successful login.

Refer to the Obro wifi extender quick start guide to know more about the settings of the wifi range extender.

OBRO AV360 WiFi extender Troubleshooting Tips

People do have some queries related to the setup or problem that arises during the configuration of the range extender. For the Obro extender users, they can read this article follow all the suggestions and tips to resolve the problem related to the setup of the device.

Why is the Obro wifi extender not working?

This kind of problem occurs that when the extender started creating a disturbance and you do not access the internet connection conveniently. To troubleshoot this problem, make sure that your extender is up to date and using the latest firmware. If it is not updated then you can use these steps to update the firmware of the Obro range extender.

  • Connect  the Obro wifi extender to the power adapter.
  • Also, verify that it is also connected to the main power outlet.
  • Then open the client device and also access the safe internet portal.
  • Enter the IP address and login to the page of the Obro extender.
  • On the settings of the device, check for the firmware upgrade.
  • If the upgrade is available then tap on the yes button and download the latest version on your device.
How does the Obro wifi extender work?

To get the Obro range extender into the working condition, rebroadcast the range connection. It will help to increase the internet connectivity in your house. To get the optimum wifi range connection, place the device into the wireless router and the dead zone area. Although, the Obro is also inexpensive and easy to install and also offers you the best solution to fix the wifi-related issues.

How to connect the Obro wifi extender to the wifi connection?

For that, you need to plug the device into the wall socket and then connect the extender with your computer or mobile device. Hence launch an internet browser and enter the default IP address into the address bar. Go to the settings of the Obro extender and then check for the internet connection. If this idea does not help you then simply power off the device and plug it into the power socket after some time and then again check for the connection.

How to use Obro wifi extender?

Well, the easiest method to run the Obro extender is to use the WPS button. But in that case, you need to ensure that your device does support the WPS button. If it does not support the WPS button setup then you have to do the setup with the web management interface. So press the WPS button by pushing the button for up to ten seconds. When you hear a beep sound then release the button. Then open the internet browser and access the page with your user ID.

How to set up an Obro wifi extender with an Ethernet port?

Simply connect the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port of the wireless router. Before you install the settings with the wireless extender, connect the router with the computer device. The next step is to plug the other end of the cable into the ethernet port of the Obro range extender and then connect the device t the main power outlet. Therefore, plug the wifi router into the power source as well. Then wait for the LED light to illuminate that will confirm a connection between the wireless devices.

Apart from these problems, if you face any other problem then read out the Obro wifi extender manual.

Obro wifi extender reviews

The OBRO AV360 WiFi extender is perfect whether you talk about its setup or wifi range connectivity. It is my personal experience that it takes only two minutes as I follow all the manual instructions with prevention and safety measures. My conclusion is that if you are using the extender with your mobile device then it creates a kind of disturbance. Because the mobile does not allow you to print the paper. So I recommend you to use the computer device as it can also take the load. Also, it is cheaper in terms of price that offers a higher quality of service. Its wifi range can seamlessly cover the distant areas and I am very satisfied with the purchase.