U.K deportation flight to Rwanda grounded after legal setback

The British government vowed on Wednesday to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda, after a last minute court judgement grounded the first plane that was due to take off under the contingency policy. Under a deal signed in April between Rwanda and Britain the U.K government planned to send some migrants who arrive in the U.K back to Rwanda. If the process is successful the asylum seekers would stay in Rwanda rather than coming back to Britain. Prime minister Boris Johnson says that the plan is an authorised way to protect the lives and thwart the criminal gangs that send migrants on a perilous journey across the English Channel.

Human rights argue that Two asylum seekers who were to be deported on a flight to Rwanda last night have had their exit from the UK postponed following last ditch legal appeals. The European Court of Human Rights has granted an urgent interim measure blocking the removal of an Iraqi detainee who was due to be reported to a U.k court. A U K court refused last week to ground the first flight scheduled for Tuesday. But the number to be onboard was undermined by the legal challengers.The court has indicated to the UK government that the applicant should not be removed to Rwanda until three weeks after the delivery of final domestic decision on the final decision in his ongoing judicial trial.

U.K Cabinet minister

U.K Cabinet minister ‘Therese Coffey’ said that the government was surprised by the ruling. A full trial of the case will be heard by the end of July. The British government has said that it welcomes the refugees who come by immigration routes. Migration and refugee groups have pointed out that there is no approved legal route for the people who are fleeing countries like Afghanistan and Ukraine. The U.K has received fewer asylum seekers applications akin to France and Germany.

The idea behind the scheme isn’t new Denmark, Israel and Australia have implemented the same scheme in recent years and as of June 2022 the US is set to send migrants to Spain. One third of the people have strongly opposed the idea and Prince Charles,the heir to the throne has called the scheme appalling. The rice groups had said that the policy puts people’s life at risk and is an unlawful act to treat asylum seekers before deportation sent to Rwanda. Rwanda has said that they have experience hosting refugees so people need to give the partnership a chance.

Public Response

The criticism of the government has continued to grow despite the government’s attempt to justify the scheme. The church of England has called it an immoral policy that shames England. The Times article published the statement by the church that Rwanda is a brave country recovering from genocide. The shame is on us because the christian heritage should aspire us to treat asylum seekers with kindness, compassion and empathy.

According to the data from the UK home office 28,526 have arrived in the United Kingdom by boats are the refugees seeking persecution. The number of people arriving in the U.K has increased from Afghanistan following the Taliban takeover last summer.

The Cost of the Plan

The U.K has said to pay Rwanda 120 million over the next five years to finance this program. The U K has refused to disclose the cost of flights that will charter the asylum seekers to deport to Rwanda.

Rwanda’s response

Rwanda government has said that it is ready to take asylum seekers in from the UK and that it will take care of the asylum seekers. Rwanda is helping the migrants to settle into the third world country and provide travel transportation, learning new languages so they can have a legal
residence. There are legal paths for migrants and refugees to have an eligible citizenship. The scheme is eligible for only 5 years.