Wavlink WL-WN578B2 AERIAL D3Q Dual Band Wi-Fi Extender Setup

Wavlink provides a great range of Wireless Repeaters in all price points with different features. One such great Wireless Repeater is Wavlink Aerial D3Q AC750. Aerial D3Q equips with the latest Triple antenna which provides more than 50% coverage and an extra fast Wi-Fi for smooth HD-streaming and Lag-free gaming as well. Aerial WL-WN578B2 D3Q also equips dual-band which not only provide normal 2.4GHz but also faster future-proof 5GHz as well.

For easier setup and connection, Wavlink Aerial AC750 also equips WPS connection as well. All you need is the WPS equipped router only. For non-WPS Equipped routers, D3Q also comes with Online based setup process as well. Web-UI is so smooth and simplified which makes it easier to use for anyone. To know the signal better, Wavlink AC-750 also has a Smart signal indicator which also helps to place the Repeater in the best location. WL-WN578B2 equips with the triple model as Router Mode, Access Point Mode, and Repeater Mode. This visually stunning Extender also comes with Wavlink Warranty as well.

Wavlink WL-WN578B2 Extender Setup

Wavlink WN578B2 comes with two ways of the setup procedure. One via the faster WPS connection and another via Online Web-UI based connection. For those routers that come with WPS technology, the preferred way is setup via WPS but those don’t come with WPS equipped routers, the preferred way is to connect via an online browser. We can go through WPS based connection setup now.

  • Unbox and power your Wavlink AC-750 through the power outlet.
  • Power your WPS equipped router as well.
  • Switch ON your router and Extender.
  • Put your Extender in the range of the router. (For Easier connection)
  • Locate the WPS button in the Extender and router.
  • Press the WPS button on your router.
  • Quickly press the WPS button on your Extender as well.
  • Please wait a few seconds to finish your connection setup.
  • As soon as your connection successful, Extender LED lights.
  • Enjoy your extended Wi-Fi with better speed as well.

Wavlink WL-WN578B2 D3Q Web browser Setup

In the previous section, we go through the WPS based setup, now we can go through Online based setup. For online-based connections, you need a Web browser such as google chrome or Mozilla Firefox. You also need a device with Wi-Fi capability as well.

  • Plug-in your WN578B2 next to the router and wait till Power LED lights and get stable.
  • Switch the button on your repeater towards repeater mode.
  • Please wait a few seconds until the LED gets stable.
  • Grab any device such as a Laptop or computer.
  • Look for the Wavlink in the Wi-Fi list.
  • After a successful connection, Open any web browser.
  • Enter URL wifi.wavlink.com or or ap.setup.
  • Type admin as login password, if it asks.
  • Follow on-screen instructions.
  • Your connection set-up is complete and starts using your Extended Wi-Fi Network.

Wavlink D3Q AC-750 Setup As Access Point

Wavlink WL-WN578B2 can be used as a Router, repeater, and Access Point. We can go through the Wavlink Extender setup as AP now. You need an Extra Ethernet cable for this connection which is easily available in the market. You also need any web browser online web browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. We can go through setup now.

  • Power your Wireless Extender.
  • Power your Router.
  • Connect your Router and Wavlink D3Q Extender via an Ethernet cable.
  • Switch the Extender towards Access Point.
  • Pick any device such as a computer or Laptop and search for Wi-Fi Networks.
  • Connect to Wavlink Wi-Fi Network from the networks.
  • Access any web browser.
  • Enter URL https://wifi.wavlink.com or or ap.setup.
  • Access as admin as a user password.
  • Open Web Page and Enter Setup Wizard.
  • Press Access Point and wait for a few minutes.
  • Now you can successfully use your Wavklink Extender as Access Point or AP.

Wavlink AERIAL AC-750 D3Q Firmware Update Setup

If you update your system, better security patches with defend capacity against various worms and performance update and bug fixes may occur. It’s good to update your system. For updates, the manufacture must push one. Wavlink is good at pushing updates frequently. For firmware updates, you need to use Web-UI. You need any device connected with Wi-Fi and online web browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. URLs are listed in the step by step procedure section.

  • Open any web browser from the Wavlink Connected device.
  • Enter settings from the Menu.
  • Please go through the “ Check Online “ option now.
  • The result section will show you whether there is an update for your model or not.
  • If there is an update, Download your Firmware.
  • Unzip and copy the contents in the paste here option on the page.
  • Upload the firmware and please wait for few minutes.
  • After a few more minutes, the Extender will be rebooted with the updated system.

Reset your Wavlink WL-WN578B2 AERIAL AC-750 D3Q Extender

If your repeater feels to much lag or any other problem. A good way to repair is to reset or update your firmware. It solves the problem to a great extend. It’s good for security purposes as well.

  • Found the Factory reset dip on your Wavlink Extender.
  • Pick any sharp object and slowly insert it into the dip.
  • Press the Factory reset dip using a sharp object.
  • Wait a few seconds and take back the sharp object.
  • If the Wavlink Repeater begins to rebooting, Extender is in now Factory reset. If it’s not rebooting, try again with a more thin sharp object.

Wavlink D3Q AC-750 is a great option for those looking for a multi-feature Extender which can also use as Access Point and Router Mode. This is a great option with so many features.